Friday, 13 October 2017

The Fruit of the Womb

From the womb of emptiness and nothingness, phenomena beyond human comprehension sparked life. A Supreme Being designed and executed a plan that will continue to remain a mystery even to the best scientists; the creation of space, matter, and time. Did this Supreme Being remodel the earth and put life on it? Are we alone? Did this Supreme Being also create the entire multiverse as we know it from NASA? The human mind cannot execute thought processes beyond the capacity prescribed for it from the beginning. We cannot truly comprehend the magnitude of all the elements contained alongside us in space. But we can control what to believe and how to live.

The story of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 4-9) comes to mind. For us who believe, it reminds us that God watches not just our individual actions but the collective decisions we make as humanity. It is ok to ask questions, investigate through experiments, and draw evidence from outcomes, but are there limits we should be bothered about? I certainly think so. A new ‘Tower of Babel’ may emerge from our obsession to embark on scientific research and experiments with potential for human extinction or planetary catastrophe. I only hope experiments akin to ‘playing god’ do not consume us all. We should allow sanity regulate our curiosity.
God knew humanity’s decision to build a tower to heaven was imprudent, so he stopped it, simple. When I look around today, I wonder if all these conflicts that never allow humanity to come together and progressively agree as one people proceeds from the events of the Babel tower. Well, we all have questions, don’t we?
Let me deviate from the world scale and focus on the individual. What were your earliest memories? You stayed in a womb for nine months and you were delivered into this life. What was your experience in the womb like? Of course! You can’t remember. Where were you before the fortunate cells of your parents met? Did you exist in space somewhere or you were waiting in line in some heavenly closet? The human imagination wanders wildly. What of your soul? Did cell division create your soul too? Imagine yourself behind your eyes and ponder on your individualism. Every other person you see is different. You are just you. The human being is a complex being indeed. I have a lot of questions and I know that one day, somewhere, somehow, my questions would be answered. If you have questions too and you know you don’t have the answers, then you should be concerned about what happens after here.
Though it is a D-day we rarely wish to talk about, it is one we all must embrace at some point. Life on earth is one complex interactive conundrum, but a very short one. Instead of wasting your time trying to understand it, and to seek answers to questions not properly couched in your brain, why not bask in the wonder and paraphernalia it provides. Always do well to others, and follow your gift path diligently. At least try your best. If you truly dig deep into your thoughts about all you see around you, it shouldn’t take too long to concretise your thoughts and belief in a Supreme Being. My belief in a Supreme Being is well founded and I pray for his grace to end up with him when my own D-day comes. I know this because his son told me to believe in him through the Bible. I know this because he is the only human being who embraced his D-day and rose from it after three days. He was a tangible example of what will happen to those that believe. There are certain truths that cannot be disputed. We can do nothing about them and we have no power over them. One such truth is the influence of the sun on earth. Another one is that no one truly knows how existence started. If you do, start by telling me what your own experience in the womb was like. I believe in God the father Almighty and in Jesus Christ his only begotten son, and I know they will answer all my questions one day. I am a grateful fruit of the womb. I wish you a fulfilled life!