Friday, 7 December 2018

Humankind’s coat of varied requirements

The goal of a health communication intervention programme is to engender behaviour change in a population by informing and educating people about a health problem of concern which enables them to act appropriately protecting themselves and accessing health care services when the need arises.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Sweet Palm Wine

West Africans will continue to tell tales of slave trade for many generations to come. As West Africans waded through life in the era of slave trade, evading abductors was priority for Africans that lived in endemic areas. This challenge did not spare them from other challenges life threw at them as West Africans plied for livelihood in unforgiving conditions. Issues such as poverty, absence of roads, absence of schools, lack of power, lack of hospitals and poor farming tools further exacerbated the journey of life for many West Africans.  

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Kristine's Lodge

In the fast-paced world of Fashion, many Models get carried away with the exquisite and luxurious lifestyles that come naturally. It may be difficult to exercise control over a lifestyle which has the human body an integral commodity. It is burdensome to tend to the human body in order to maintain constant physiological features overtime. The discipline and amount of attention required leaves very little time for so many other equally important aspects of life.

Kristine’s Lodge is a captivating story about five female friends and their adventures together in a closely knitted world of Fashion and Investment. They eventually received an education on career advancement which led to self-discovery.

Friday, 25 May 2018


This is a fascinating story of love with a wonderful ending. It is carefully crafted to attract the minds of young people desirous of acquiring an education about life’s challenges, and acting on it. This is why ‘Desires’ is a must read.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Conquering the Sahara

Whenever the subject of African development is brought up, a passionate few are quick to name past heroes that promoted the subject. Well, it is time for all Africans to draw from whatever lessons these heroes bequeathed to us, and build on them in our various spheres of influence. Heroes are not only confined to history.
All Africans should be advocates of pan-Africanism. It is regrettable that we have divided ancestral family members and aggregated ourselves rather selfishly within imaginary boundaries of sovereignty, and in some cases, based on foreign prescriptions. These boundaries have instilled in us ideas of greed, intolerance, and resentment.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Awakening Marital Joy

Mr. and Mrs. Desmond were a lovely couple. They had paid their dues through work life and had risen professionally to the peak of their careers. Parenthood was quite successful because the two daughters they have were almost through with university education. However, home had become a regimented routine of early dash-outs to work, late arrivals, frequent travels, light meals, almost no television, brief conversations, and little sleep.
After years of slowly grinding their used-to-be romantic love life into a mechanical and fractious cohabitation, sex had become quite alien to them and they were growing used to not having regular passionate sex. Though in her mid-forties, Mrs. Desmond was still attractive with firm skin and a frame that mirrored her youthful self.